Mission Statement

“To continue to be innovative and provide exceptional services that

induce strength and vitality for members

throughout their ageing years”.

In the early 80s Betty began her career in the fitness industry working closely with a variety of community members.   It quickly became apparent that Betty’s passion was ignited when working with the ageing population.

In October of 2001, Betty was motivated to establish her own Studio at Five Dock to provide unique Rejuvenation Programmes for the over 40s. 

With over 30 years of experience within the fitness/wellness industry and now in her mid-50s, Betty offers a wealth of knowledge embedded within all her programmes.

“When we honour the body, mind and soul it creates harmony that

allows us to age with grace, strength and vitality.”

These Rejuvenation Programmes combine

training principles that include:

Strength, Weights, Pilates, Stretch, Yoga, Tai Chi, Bio-energetic Moves,

Balance/Posture Exercises


Breath-focused and Moving Meditation.


Strict hygiene & social distancing rules apply to ensure compliance of

Covid-19 safety regulations.